fast machine

this bitch was too turnt for socrates. “he’s like my number two but you can say he’s my number one. epicurus is my number one.” guess they didn’t have any epicurus busts at the museum. 

carabella sands made this. i want her to live in my basement and be my own personal artist-in-residence. or whatever. 

stealing pregnancy tests


Last night I stole pregnancy tests from CVS - three in one pack! I don’t really know why I did it. I was kind of buzzed and I went there to pick up my anxiety pills. I don’t know, pregnancy tests are expensive and you never have them when you need them. I just want to be that friend that has them lying around for her friends in a time of crisis. I’m too poor to be that friend. So I just took them.

In other news, I’m pretty happy in life. And I’m not pregnant. So there’s that.

lol this is the sort of friend i’m looking for.

for juliet escoria. 8-23-14. comerica park, b. (feel like him mentioning red lobster is a secret love note for scott.)

victor freeze (who will have poems on hobart in august) sent me this video of his band or of a band he plays in. victor lives in north carolina. i wish the marry, fuck, kill tour could visit victor in north carolina. seems like he would find a cool place for us to read. here is a sample of the cover letter victor included with his poems when he submitted them to hobart. the cover letter made me want to read a whole book by victor but for now his poems are real cool. 

I just moved to Boone, NC and I’m currently listening to Elliott Smith. I just smoked my last cigarette and I have $17 to my name. I’m 23 and I’m trying to find a job in a town where the population of minorities is probably in the single digits. I might have a random lumberjack job lined up so cross your fingers. 

I’m currently obsessed with watching The X-Files and listening to the sounds of Angel Olsen. My current diet is pasta, cheap lbs of potatoes and dumpster bread. Being a broke vegan is fun. At least a 40 oz drunk is only two dollars and thirteen cents.


disposable camera photos from january through june 2014

2 things i love: disposable cameras (broh!) and dogs. i want this to be a truck stop or 7-eleven exhibit now. 

something tells me i’m going to get drunk and format poems tonight. 

The Only Thing Required of Me Now Is My Own Indifference


The woman is walking and listening to a podcast of a woman who once worked as a dominatrix. The woman who worked as a dominatrix is listing the materials that were required in her line of work: riding crops, clamps, rope, surgical gloves, tape. The woman says she shopped most frequently at places…