fast machine

madison, wisconsin - October25th

anyone who lives near or in madison and would like to host me, tao lin, mira gonzalez, chloe caldwell (maybe chelsea martin) in your house or gallery or bookstore or bar, please email me ee at hobartpulp dot com ASAP thx

feel like

the whole country is having an existential crisis together. it can be comforting to know we’re all full of shit/fake/in need of rebellion-overthrowing/burning down the forest to regrow the woods. or vice versa. or whatever. maybe i’ll read ‘the graduate’ again. the first part, where he’s floating in his parents’ pool. unsure where he is going, what he should do. drinking beer and not talking much. is good. relatable. etc. 


book trailer re if i really wanted to feel happy i’d feel happy already (forthcoming 8.25.14)

video by leigh silverblatt

want this

last night i fell asleep thinking

The Notebook would have been a pretty boring movie if allie’s mom had given allie all the letters noah wrote her. 

camel toe

i had/have a half sister and a step sister i’ve only met a handful of times. once, when i was ten or eleven and my step sister was fourteen or fifteen, she asked me to shave the backs of her thighs with a dry razor, which i did, in the rec room of my/our father’s house in lakeland, florida. we didn’t have a rec room back home in bfe, ohio and i wasn’t allowed to shave my legs yet but i remember sitting on the toilet and watching my mother in the bathtub shaving her bikini area a lot back then. we only had one bathroom, which invited this sort of intimacy. similarly, i never felt as intimate with my step sister as i did shaving the backs of her thighs. i think she was wearing terry cloth shorts. the kind that give you camel toe. a couple years later, in twin beds at my/our grandma’s condo on clearwater beach, we disagreed on who we hated more: our father or our grandmother. i was terrified of our grandmother, who reminded me (later) of bette davis in whatever happened to baby jane. but i hadn’t spent much time with our dad, whereas my step sister, dawn, had grown up with him in her house. she told me he’d tried to kill her mother once. i had no reason to disbelieve her. but it wasn’t my experience. my experience was limited to car rides to and from the airport, to and from disney world, to and from my grandmother’s condo in clearwater. my half sister, lynn, would have sided with me had she been there. she was terrified of our grandmother also. one summer jean (our grandmother) gave us both short haircuts because she wanted us to be professional tennis players and we cried and cried because we looked so ugly and hated tennis.

the best thing

about drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, and watching beyonce videos alone in your basement at one in the morning is drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, and watching beyonce videos alone in your basement at one in the morning. 

charles grodin with more pearls of wisdom on luuuuuhhhhhvvvv.