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The idea of a god’s rejection is always plainly moving to anyone who’s suffered in love –  … Blood answers rejection with more beauty than any song.”

- Sean Kilpatrick 

Happy fucking Easter

Anonymous asked: why do you think brad listi jumped the shark?

as i told brad when he asked me via text, “i was 90% kidding and 10% don’t get the spencer/mira thing.” but who the fuck amongst us, myself included, hasn’t ‘jumped the shark’? feel like i am ‘jumping the shark’ right fucking now. feel like ‘jump the shark’ would be a cool band name. probably already is. and they probably already did. lol. 

excited to listen to the douglas coupland interview this wkend. GENERATION X, bitches.

if there is a better 1st line of a book than this, idk what it is

"The year I turned ninety, I wanted to give myself the gift of a night of wild love with an adolescent virgin." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Memories of My Melancholy Whores

this is one of the books i have always on by desk. in case anyone is interested (i am always interested in lists like this), here are the others:

-Less Than Zero
-The Kiss
-The End of the Story
-The End of the Affair
-The Lover
-The Graduate
-A Sport and a Pastime
-The Stranger
-Ancient Light
-A Single Man
-Ask the Dust
-The Last PIcture Show

victoria redel on writing

(from the millions)

Following the 2001 release of her novel Loverboy, about a mother so enmeshed with her young son that she decides to asphyxiate him in a car rather than let him go to school, Redel has found herself explaining to readers that her creation of unlikable, even destructive characters is neither a window — nor an invitation — into her psyche.

“I do really strongly believe that to spend time examining a writer’s work for insights into her private life is missing the mark,” she wrote to The Millionsrecently about the media impulse to dig for dirt when a woman produces a chilling book. Still, 13 years after the publication of Loverboy, adapted in 2006 into a movie by the same name that starred Kevin Bacon, she continues, she admits, to field public concern. “At readings, there’s always someone who raises their hand and asks, ‘Do you have children?’” (Redel, 54, has two grown sons from her former marriage: Jonah, 25, and Gabriel, 21.) “I began to say, ‘Yes,’ she adds, ‘but I don’t have a garage.’”

twitter-stalking francis bean cobain

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'push to start'. super hype to be in the inaugural issue with sean kilpatrick and juliet escoria. 


'Teen Culture' video i made for juliet escoria's white dresses site. a teen recently said to me, “i still get turnt to trey songz sometimes.” word.