fast machine

i always think i want to read Wuthering Heights but then just end up listening to this song again instead. 

"Dogs are better than us because they don’t require walls to shit in public."


Sean Kilpatrick, Hobart :: “Pap Smear For Beerfest” (via hobartpulp)

new ‘dispatch’ from sean kilpatrick on Hobart today.

I have trouble coming inside anyone who has backpacked across Europe. The rocketing acidity of her vaginal fluid still infiltrates my piss. Guess what kind of misogyny the previous fictions just hinted at? No, I’m all better. I know now that the real misogyny believes love can possibly happen on an even plain.

more ‘dispatches’ to come from Juliet Escoria and Jordan Castro. GEt Rready.

(via hobartpulp)

whenever someone says

something about his/her ‘one regret’ followed by something about reading books i think, ‘really? your one regret is not reading more?’ can’t tell if by comparison my life is super fucked up or if his/hers is super boring or what or if he/she was just making some sort of ‘grand statement’ about literature and his/her relationship to it as way to seem intellectual/cool/heady. my ‘one regret’ is not allowing myself to relinquish control more. but, you know, life’s not over yet, folks. 

whenever i get

a two star review on goodreads or amazon or whatever,  i think (in a ‘good/appreciative way’), ‘damn, this person actually read my book.’

just got this text from my daughter:

The girls from orientation like to study so we started our chemistry homework and hung out for awhile, it was actually fun!

maybe i can stop worrying about her dying of alcohol poisoning for the time being. (classes haven’t even started yet. lol.)

earnestly considering

doing all our midwest readings at rest stops and bus stations as form of control, ie/eg not having to ask ppl to host us, ie/eg fuck u madison, wisconsin. also bring ‘alt lit’ to the ppl! lol. not joking. ie/eg don’t know how/when to use ie/eg/etc. ie ‘alt lit’ ppl are dumb and this is why we are not taken ‘seriously’ by ‘academia/the establishment’.