fast machine

'white girls' (over my head in the bottom photo the olivia newton john album is called 'have you never been mellow'. seems …)


tour fotos:

Jay and Silent Bob’n it out in Jersey at the legendary Quick Stop. 

Where the fuck was Dante and Randal at tho? 

(sincerely) happy to see sum kids still smoke. maybe they won’t be so fat. 

every thought i have now

is delivered w hannibal buress inflection (and ballet dancers in the background). it’s pretty cool.

this is my ‘stand by me’/dead body movie. 

my contribution to feminsm

i haven’t written any essays but ive spent the past eighteen years raising a girl into a young woman who is majoring in the natural sciences, who is in the honors program, who doesn’t have an eating disorder or binge drink, who has at least ‘normal’ levels of self-esteem/self-confidence, and who already knows where she wants to go to grad school. 

i call this a ‘success.’

'hangin out' victor freeze

i always think i want to read Wuthering Heights but then just end up listening to this song again instead.