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whose dick at alt lit gossip is juliet escoria sucking tonight

looking for ‘photo editor’ for hobart

email me ee at hobartpulp dot com if you are a ‘photographer’ and are interested in the (nonpay) job/seeing yr photos on hobart

(include 2 or 3 photographs with yr email. thx.)

"But I came to this conclusion a long time ago: “Selling out” means there are no more tickets at Madison Square Garden."

- Courtney Love, via Sarah Jaffe (via mollycrabapple)

Hobart :: Sf/Ld Announcement

3 new SF/LD books coming soon!

Hobart :: Noah

The idea of a god’s rejection is always plainly moving to anyone who’s suffered in love –  … Blood answers rejection with more beauty than any song.”

- Sean Kilpatrick 

Happy fucking Easter

Anonymous asked: why do you think brad listi jumped the shark?

as i told brad when he asked me via text, “i was 90% kidding and 10% don’t get the spencer/mira thing.” but who the fuck amongst us, myself included, hasn’t ‘jumped the shark’? feel like i am ‘jumping the shark’ right fucking now. feel like ‘jump the shark’ would be a cool band name. probably already is. and they probably already did. lol. 

excited to listen to the douglas coupland interview this wkend. GENERATION X, bitches.